Tropical Storms Grace & Ida adversely affected the Agricultural Sector

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The agricultural sector has been tremendously affected by the passage of Tropical Storms Grace and Ida which took place on August 17th and from Wednesday, August 25th into Friday August 27, 2021 respectively.

Hon. Floyd Green led a team from the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, National Irrigation Commission, Agro Invest, the Rural Agricultural Development Authority and other stakeholders on a series of tours to visit areas that were saturated significantly by flooding. These areas included sections of Clarendon, St. Ann, Manchester and St. Elizabeth and took place on September 1st and 3rd, 2021. The objective of the tours was to gain a first -hand view of the extent of the losses experienced by the farmers.

During an interview with JIS NEWS on September 1, 2021 Minister Green mentioned “there were significant losses to vegetables, banana, plantain and yam farms and it will take a significant effort for farmers to get back on their feet, ..I am impressed by the resilience of the farmers in salvaging their crops and replanting”.

During the tours Minister Green also encouraged farmers to enroll in the GK Weather Protect Crop Insurance Scheme that seeks to provide protection against rain, wind and drought. Minister Green mentioned that he is “working with the private sector so we can also present options for the farmers to help them to protect themselves.”

RADA technical team has since provided a damage assessment report. Consequently, the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries is crafting a comprehensive island-wide programme of recovery that will assist farmers to have a speedy rebound.

For information on GK Weather Protect Crop Insurance visit a RADA Parish Office closest to you or speak with your RADA Agricultural Extension Officer.


L-R – Hon. Floyd Green, Winston Simpson RADA Principal
Director Field Services meeting April Dawkins (centre), farmer
of Bog Hole, Clarendon alongside Orville Palmer, Chief
Technical Director MOAF on September 1, 2021.
Christopher Blake, Agricultural Extension Officer, assessing
damage to watermelon crop, Flagaman, St. Elizabeth