ALEX : Agri-linkages Exchange

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The Tourism Agri-linkages Project is funded and supported by Tourism Linkages Network, of the Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF), Ministry of Tourism and supported by the Marketing Unit of the Rural Agricultural Development Authority RADA.

The RADA Agricultural Extension Officers also play a critical part in this initiative as they research and recommend farmers that have the capacity to grow good quality produce on a consistent basis and demonstrate capacity to deliver. The Centre is staffed by a Coordinator and four Agri-Brokers with Information Technology & Communications support.

The goal of this TEF funded project is to increase and deepen the linkages between the local agricultural sector and the Hotel and Tourism sector. This is currently established through operating an agriculture fresh produce internet based market linkages platform and commodities exchange through the website,

By increasing the number of farmers that have continuous trade relationships within the Hotel and Tourism sector, it is aimed that the importation of large quantities of fresh produce will be drastically reduced, and ultimately we will be able to produce based on the demands of the Hotel and Tourism sector throughout the year.

The project so far has seen much interest from Hotel sector specifically in non-traditional items such as herbs, fruits, exotics and more. Demand for these produce has been very good but due to the recent dry period supply has been low.

Farmers are very excited about the project and have been benefitting from the work of the Centre with some currently delivering, negotiating delivery contracts, accessing loans for expansion and increasing the number of persons they currently market.

With this initiative, farmers are able to call or email to state the produce that are available or produce that will become available in the next 3-4 months. The Agri-Linkage Center then markets to the primary sector, the Hotel and Tourism Sector and also provides support to other key agricultural stakeholders to include our Exporters, Restaurants and Agro-processors to meet their needs.

The Centre is located at 197 Old Hope Road at the RADA St. Andrew Parish Office. For information and interaction with Agri-Brokers you may contact us at 876- 970-1451, 876- 970-0287, 876-970-0838. The Office is open Monday-Thursday 8:30-5:00pm, Friday 8:30-4:00pm