Grading Eggs

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Grading Eggs

Changes in Quality over Time

Eggs must be refrigerated to maintain Grade A quality. Eggs kept at room temperature deteriorate as much in a day as they do in a week under refrigeration.

As an egg ages:

  • The AIR CELL becomes larger
  • The YOLK becomes flatter, larger and breaks more easily
  • The THICK WHITE becomes thin and watery

Advantages of grading eggs

  • Impartial official grading that eliminates the need for personal inspection of the eggs by sellers, buyers and other interested persons.
  • Pooling of lots of comparable quality
  • Development of improves quality at producer level through “buying on grade” programmes.
  • Market price reporting in terms understood by all interested parties
  • Negotiating of loans on generally accepted quality specifications
  • A basis for settling disputes involving quality
  • A basis for paying damage claims
  • A basis for developing advertisements
  • A uniform basis for establishing brand names
  • Establishment of buying guides for consumers.