Technical Publications: LIVESTOCK

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There is not a "best goat". Some goats are better suited for certain production systems than others.

Good hygiene is very important if you are selling eggs. Hands should be washed before eggs are collected. Always wash your hands with soap and water after handling eggs, chickens, or anything in their environment.

There are four cattle breed societies in the country – Jamaica Hope, Jamaica Red Poll, Jamaica Brahman and the Jamaica Black.

Communities in areas that may be threatened by hurricanes should develop action plans that specify what areas would need to be evacuated and by what routes, what shelters would be used. Special attention should be given to evacuation routes for trucks and trailers that would carry livestock.

Proper land-use management and strict enforcement of building codes, with special attention to floodplains, has helped reduce some of the high cost of losses due to flooding.

Livestock farmers should have the tools required to offer care to their animals. There is no point in having animals around that just die without any benefits. So since there are so many health challenges to keeping healthy livestock, it is essential to also know the basics of good animal health care.

Poultry management usually refers to the husbandry practices or production techniques that help to maximize the efficiency of production. Sound management practices are very essential to optimize production.