ALEX getting boost from the Tourism Linkages Network

Posted by:RADAAdmin in News

A hearty commendation is extended to the Tourism Linkages Network through the Tourism Enhancement Fund, Ministry of Tourism for the donation of six laptops and six cellphones to enhance the Agri-Linkage Exchange (ALEX).

ALEX is a TEF funded project which aims to deepen the linkage between the agricultural and tourism sector through an internet and telemarketing platform and commodities exchange. The project which commenced in 2018 is supported by the Marketing Unit of the Rural Agricultural Development Authority and based at the RADA St. Andrew Parish Office,

The project overtime has seen much interest from hotel sector specifically in non-traditional items such as herbs, fruits, exotics and more. Farmers have also benefited from the work of the Centre through negotiating delivery contracts, accessing loans for expansion and increasing the marketing capacities.

In light of the fallout in the tourism sector based on the effects of the COVID- 19 pandemic, the role of the Agri-Linkage Exchange has been expanded to ably assist in marketing excess produce to other stakeholders to include Agro-Processors, Traders, Supermarkets and other retailers.

The Centre is staffed by a Coordinator and four Agri-Brokers with RADA Marketing and Information Technology & Communications support. For information and interaction with Agri-Brokers you may contact ALEX at 876- 970-1451, 876- 970-0287, 876-970-0838. The Office is open Monday-Thursday 8:30-5:00pm, Friday 8:30-4:00pm, or through the website,