Handing – Over Ceremony for MD2 Pineapples

Posted by:RADAAdmin in Crops

RADA hosted the Handing-Over Ceremony for the MD2 Pineapples under the  2019-2020 Production Incentive Programme on Thursday, August 15, 2019 at the RADA St. Elizabeth Parish Office, Santa Cruz.

The 2019-2020 Production Incentive Programme is valued at $280M and targets the development of nine (9) policy crops to include: yam, ginger, dasheen, hot pepper, irish potatoes, onion, strawberry, pineapples and cassava. The programme is intended to benefit over 4000 farmers directly and indirectly.

The Production Incentive Programme was established within the Rural Agricultural Development Authority to assist farmers with essential inputs, training and advisory services required for increased production.

This 2019/2020 Programme is implemented based on the need to boost production in rural communities. This is a critical initiative to execute based on the need to assist farmers to:

  • Mitigate against climate change and weather adversities
  • Improve crop protection practices and the recovery from losses due to pests
  • Meet market demand.