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Based on preliminary assessment undertaken by the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA) of the damage to domestic crop and livestock production (October 2020), it was estimated that over 11,000 farmers suffered losses at a value of approximately $1.8B. Below is a list of recommendations to farmers who are able to commence the recovery efforts in the shortest possible time.

  1. Reap and sell marketable yields in order to minimize losses
  2. If produce can be recovered use the necessary insecticide/ fungicide to treat or prevent further loss
  3. Clear lands as damaged and ripened produce may lead to soil borne fungi. Remove debris, shrubbery and other impediments
  4. Consider alternative crop for re-planting.
  5. Establish raised beds and other protected planting materials
  6. Now is the time for water harvesting. Where possible create catchment areas to include earth ponds, water sheds and others
  7. Livestock - Make sure livestock have plenty of water and food, which has not been contaminated by pollutants.
  8. Do not drink or give animals’ tap water unless you know it is safe. Add a few drops of bleach to standing water to prevent disease.
  9. Electrolytes and vitamins may also help livestock return to normal. If animals are injured, be ready to administer first aid or contact your veterinarian.
  10. Speak to your nearest RADA Agricultural Extension Officer for specific technical information and assistance.