RADA Hanover Groundbreaking Ceremony

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January 28, 2020, is quite a significant milestone in the history of the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA) Hanover and the farmers of the Parish. 

It symbolizes the commencement of the construction of a single storey Office (at a value of $109M) to permanently house stakeholders, extension and administrative staff and more ably provide technical extension services to the over 7400 Hanover farmers. As it relates to the stakeholders in the parish, it is the intention for there to be further strengthening of strategic alliances both locally and internationally.

As the chief extension service provider, RADA Hanover operates in five extension areas to include Milestown, Hopewell, Cascade, Lucea and Green Island and engage in developmental programmes to increase agricultural production and productivity.

With the construction of this new Office structure, it is indeed the vision for these officers to be revitalized and given the impetus to be more efficient.

As a background to the need for the construction of the new site, it is noted that the original Parish Office was an old, dilapidated building that was demolished in 2017. RADA Hanover is now operating from a temporary site on the outskirts of the town of Lucea.

The original site located at Haughton Court, Hanover houses a greenhouse, nursery, JSIF/RADA Bottling Plant and Agro-Processing Facility.

The new office represents a critical part of the Government’s plan to provide improved infrastructure to the farming communities in Hanover. It will enable coordinated operations and room for storage, formal and informal trainings and demonstration sites among other to be achieved.