World Food Day 2019

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With the focus of tackling global hunger, World Food Day is celebrated annually through the Food and Agriculture Organization to promote worldwide awareness and action for persons and nations suffering from hunger, the need to ensure food security and the provision of nutritious diets for all.

On an annual basis, on October 16th, people from countries across the world come together with the commonality of purpose to highlight and declare their commitment to eradicate hunger.

The World Food Day National Exhibition 2019 was celebrated locally at the Christiana High School in Manchester on October 11, 2019, under the theme “Our Actions are Our Future: Healthy Diets for a #ZeroHunger World’

Speaking at the National Exhibition, Hon. Audley Shaw, Minister of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries expounded on the National Fruit Tree Planting Project and its aim of increasing access to locally grown fruits for children and the poor.

The overall plan of the Ministry is to plant five million fruit trees across the country over the next five years under the National Fruit Tree Planting Project.

To commemorate World Food Day, the Ministry handed over a water pump, a hand-held tractor and is assisting in the creation of a fruit tree orchard with 30 trees. This National Fruit Tree Planting Project will be implemented by the Rural Agricultural Development Authority.