RADA sends Text Message alerts to registered farmers


RADA has added Text Messaging to it communication media with farmers. The text messaging facility is intended to relay important alerts and bulletins to farmers’ cellular phone. Over 75% of the farmers in the ABIS registration database have contact numbers. Short text messages are sent to these farmers informing them of adverse weather conditions, pests and disease outbreaks as well as urgent developments in the agricultural sector. The use of this medium will become most critical during the current hurricane season in the event of severe weather conditions.

Benefits to be derived are:
1. Quick communication with farmers and stakeholder groups

2. Increased communication with farmers and stakeholder groups

3. Reduced communication cost to RADA

4. Reduced travelling cost to RADA
The Authority is mindful of the challenges some farmers may have in using text messages and is therefore encouraging family members to assist older farmers’ in accessing text messages on their cell phones. To this effect a sensitization drive is taking place.

Last modified onThursday, 02 April 2015 17:20
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