25 Years of RADA

As Jamaica's chief agricultural extension and rural development agency, the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA) was established by an Act of Parliament, a statutory body under the Ministry of Agriculture on August 1, 1990.
RADA was mandated among other things to enhance the development of farmers through an effective and sustainable extension service and to administer the functions previously administered by Land Authorities.
Then as now, RADA's objectives include:
• To provide technical advisory services primarily to farmers in rural Jamaica in an effort to increase production and productivity
• To train and develop extension personnel at all levels through in-service training programmes geared towards improving their efficiencies.
• To administer farmer training programmes thereby rendering farmers more knowledgeable and capable.
The services have been delivered through a network of offices strategically positioned islandwide and headed by a National Board, to bring the service closer to the farmers.
With its motto of "People, Land and Opportunity' RADA has consistently pursued its mandate and mission through the process of inter agency collaboration at the national nagand local levels with other governmental and non governmental, local, regional and international organizations, in the process of garnering critical support for its programmes and projects.
In pursuance of this, RAD has introduced some notable and successful initiatives to include: Production and Productivity Programmes, Fruit Tree Crop Programmes, Integrated Pest Management, Social/ Services Home Economics Unit Projects, Agricultural Business Information Systems Projects among many others.
As the Authority continues to improve agricultural production and productivity through appropriate and applicable technology transfer it is in this context that RADA has initiated the celebration of its stellar delivery of extension services to farmers for twenty five years through diverse events. As such, we will seek to promote and highlight our achievements commencing in the month of August 2015.
RADA Celebrating 25 years of extension delivery to our farmers, Join the RADA Revolution!

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