Cookup "Jamaican Style"

The 4th edition of "Cook up Jamaican Style"; is a unique Jamaican Cookbook which showcases exquisite Jamaican cuisine, encourages the consumption of local agricultural produce and lends support to our local farmers.

The publication of this edition has a new and improved look and is in sync with the Authority's drive to "raise the bar" in all areas of its operations. It also comes at a time when there is an increased level of health consciousness and a renewed push for our people to "Grow what we Eat, and Eat what we Grow".

The recipes, as in previous editions, make much use of our indigenous roots and tubers, tree crops, pulses, vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices, condiments as well as our fish and meats, all combined to create mouth watering and nutritious preparations. Other useful information which can assist the user in planning, preparing and serving adequate meals, are also contained in the book.

The popularity of "Cook up Jamaican Style" has increased over the years and this has prompted the publication of this edition, which is funded by the 'Marketing and Agriculture for Jamaican Improved Competiveness Project(MAJIC), with the objective of disseminating marketing information to stimulate increased production by our farmers. The recipes were developed by the hard working RADA Social Services/Home Economics Officers, (present and past) who utilized their imagination, ingenuity and culinary skills in creating exciting and palatable dishes.

We again salute and congratulate them. It is our hope that people of all ages, sex and ethnicity will get a copy of this " Cook up Jamaican Style" and use the recipes with confidence and ease as they continue to warm the hearts of their families in Jamaica and all those countries throughout the world that treasure Jamaican cuisine.

The "Cook up Jamaican Style" Cookbook is available at the nearest RADA Officies. Contact us at 977-1158-62.

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