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In August 2016 the Plant Quarantine Produce Inspection Branch (PQPI), the Research and Development and Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA) began surveillance activities for the emergent disease Frosty Pod Rod (Moniliophthora roreri) affecting coca pods. The disease was first confirmed in August in Friendship, Clarendon.

Subsequently, the plant Quarantine Produce Inspection Branch was asked to audit and assume responsibility for the management of the disease in September 2017.

The parishes Clarendon, St. Catherine, Portland, St Thomas, St Andrew and St Mary were resurveyed in October 2017 to assess the disease status, and the extent of the spread.  The survey findings revealed that the disease has spread significantly in four of the six parishes surveyed. With the frosty pod rot disease of cocoa being reported to cause 80- 100% loss in production, the cocoa industry is at considerable threat.


The primary responsibilities of the position are to implement frosty pod management activities within the frosty pod infected parishes and other related sites. To conduct audit and spot checks to ensure infected areas are tripped, limed, pruned and sprayed in accordance with frosty pod management strategies and protocols.

Key Responsibilities

  • Plan, manage, and implement frosty pod rot management activities within the infected parishes.
  • Together with Frosty Pod Rot Manager develop assess and implement scope and objectives of the FPR management project.
  • Check and verify work done in area of responsibility, ensuring completion and correctness before payment is recommended.
  • Keep record of all operations carried out: acreage sprayed, chemicals usages, time and management audit of spraying operation.
  • Identify suitable persons with requisite skills set for temporary employment in the casual fortnightly paid workforce.
  • Plan and execute training and sensitization of the field officers, compliance officers, famers and stripping, pruning and spraying personnel.
  • Collaborate with FPR Technical Committee, FPR Project Manager, Compliance Officers, RADA Extension Officers, Plant Quarantine Officers and Research and Development Officers regarding FPR disease management and implementation of activities.
  • Identify resources required in each infected parish to effect management of the FPR Disease.
  • Prepare fortnightly reports and payroll subsidiary ledgers for payment staff.
  • Coordinate and execute surveillance and monitoring activates.
  • Engage and collaborate with Research and Development Division for the production of resistant varieties.
  • Responsible for procurement of material and equipment necessary for the project.
  • Approve travel itinerary for field officers under supervision.
  • Develop and submit implementing plans and weekly itinerary for the management of the FPR in each parish.
  • Identify with the Frosty Pod Manager infected areas in parish and resources required to execute management activities in each of the infected parishes.
  • Identify, gather, analyse and evaluate information related to the management of FPR with the FPR Technical Committee
  • Identify, prepare and review FPR audit- related documentation and checklist.
  • Select and use appropriate communication methods to notify farmers and other relevant stakeholders of the FPR     management activates, protocols and procedures.
  • Working with the Technical Committee to develop the conduct entry and exit meetings related to FPR Management.
  • Guide Compliance, Officers, Farmers and other stakeholders in the FPR disease management.
  • Implement all parameters of the management strategy to ensure infected areas are disease free.
    • Ensure timeliness, consistency and accuracy in all reports.
    • Follow and adhere protocols and procedures of the Technical Committee.
    • Identify and train relevant farmers and person related to management of the FPR.
  • Develop, Monitor and review FPR activities through monitoring surveys.
  • Ensure those Frosty Pod Information fliers are affixed and other notices are strategically placed in infected areas.


  • FPR Implementation work plans and reports prepared and submitted.
  • Material Procurement plans.
  • Inception report.
  • Monthly progress reports.
  • Training and sensitization sessions planned and executed.
  • Inventory record maintained.
  • Fortnightly reports and payroll subsidiary ledges prepared.

Required Skills, Knowledge And Competencies

  • Excellent analytical and judgement skills
  • Excellent planning, organizing and problem solving skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Excellent project management skills
  • Team building skills
  • Technical expertise and knowledge in Cocoa Production and Pest Management
  • Ability to cope well under pressured working conditions to meet specific deadlines

Qualifications & Experience

Suitable person should possess the following qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture, Biology Natural Science or any equivalent qualification.
  • Certificate in Project Management
  • At least seven (7) years’ experience in pest management, quarantine, cocoa production or any other related experience.
  • At least two (2) years’ experience in managing projects.


This contract will be for seven (7) months.