Motor Vehicle Duty Concession


  1. The qualifying criteria should be based on levels of production/output instead of merely number of acres, colonies, etc. Accordingly, it was decided that annual gross return from the agricultural enterprises of the applicant should not be less than $250,000.00.

  2. To reduce abuse of the system, incentives should only be given as a reward for production. A mere statement of intention to produce is not sufficient.

  3. With a minimum of $250,000.00 annual return being the basic criteria, the other conditions recommended are:
Beekeeping 125 colonies
Food Crops 3 acres
Vegetables/condiments 2 acres
Nurseries Production and Ornamental 5 acres
Cattle 30 feedlot or 30 head (pasture) dairy milking cows
Broilers 5,000 birds
Layers 1,000 birds
Goats 300
Pigs 50 fatteners, 10
sow units
Fish Farm 1 acre (ponds)

Traditional Crops

Coffee 3 acres
Citrus 8 acres
Pimento 10 acres
Sugar Cane 10 acres
Cocoa 5 acres
Banana 5 acres
Coconut 5 acres

4. Type of Lease Document to be Accepted

Lease Agreement should be for at least five (5) years. This agreement should be witnessed by a Justice of the Peace (J.P.) with supporting, current Tax Receipt and drawn up on a proper format. Original documents are to be viewed by the Parish Agricultural Manager (PAM), and PAM to certify that he has seen them.


There is a limit on the number of motor vehicle waivers which can be assessed in any given year and only once every five years according to the farm size;

  1. Small farms (1-10 acres) can access 1 motor vehicle every 5 years.
  2. Medium sized farms (11-50 acres) can access 2 vehicles every 5 years
  3. Large farms (over 50 acres) can access 3 motor vehicles every 5 years

6. Qualifying vehicles for the duty waiver

  1. Trucks, commonly known as pick-ups, using gasoline with a restriction of 3000cc rating
  2. Trucks, commonly known as pick-ups, using diesel fuel with a restriction of 3200cc rating

Click here to download the Duty Concession Form

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