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HOSTS: The beet armyworm is an important pest on vegetable, field, and flower crop In Jamaica it mostly affects calalloo, escallion, onion and cotton. 

Integrated Pest Management of Beet Army Worm

Spodoptera exigua, also known as the beet armyworm is a destructive pest of onion and scallion in Jamaica. Since the 1990s, agricultural production in St. Elizabeth has suffered from several major outbreaks of the beet armyworm which have increased in pest activity, frequency and severity and so threaten the progress achieved by the initiatives for improving

Did you know that almost all tropical pumpkins sold in the United States are imported from Jamaica and Central America? In the US there is a growing Latin and Caribbean population hence a good market for edible pumpkin (Cucurbita moschata).

In 2003, the Entomology Unit, Bodles Research Station, received samples of pineapple fruits and stalk infested/damaged by a beetle larva. After several field visits and literature research, it was determined that the problem was caused by an insect called the pineapple weevil, Metamasius ritchiei Marshall (Coleoptera; Curculioinidae; Calandrinae).

Bacterial spot is the most common, and one of the most destructive diseases of peppers. Bacterial Spot Disease is caused by Xanthomonas campestris pv. vesicatoria. The most-important sources for bacterial spot are infested seed and diseased transplants.

Hot pepper is a major non-traditional export crop in Jamaica. It is also a major spice for local consumers, processors, restaurants and others in the food industry. The crop is grown mainly in the hilly areas of the island, chiefly in Westmoreland, St. Mary and Manchester.

Fungicide Treatment of Ginger Planting Material for control of Rhizome Rot Disease.

The West Indian Fruit Fly (Anastrepha obliqua) and Caribbean Fruit Fly (Anastrepha suspensa) are the major pests of mango in Jamaica. Other hosts include Guava, Otaheite Apple, June Plum, Hog Plum, Red Coat Plum and Yellow Coat Plum...

Downey mildew is the most common fungal disease of cucurbit crops, which causes withering and premature death of leaves. Fruits formed during an attack will be small and poorly flavored.