Beet Army Worm Rally

Featured Beet Army Worm Rally

On 31 May 2018, at the RADA St. Elizabeth Agrifest, held at the Social Development Complex, Santa Cruz a team of plant doctors from RADA, Plant Quarantine Inspection and Research & Development Division, MICAF, conducted a Beet armyworm Rally at the St. Elizabeth Parish Office Open Day.

The joint technical team prepared and successfully staged the public awareness campaign for the effective management of the Beet Armyworm.

The Rally is considered a new approach for Jamaica’s plant health system and compliments other extension approaches used for transferring knowledge and skills to farmers and other stakeholders.

This high-intensity training consisted of four individual modules, where participants were exposed to 15-20  minutes duration sessions on key areas for management of the Beet Armyworm: (1) Pest Life Cycle;  (2) Field Inspection for Assessing Beet Armyworm; (3) Construction and Use of Pheromone Traps and (4) Pest Forecasting.

Sessions included:  practical demonstrations and interactive communication with participant and feedback questions. Comments and opinions received from stakeholders were all positive and encouraging.

This pilot project was implemented in collaboration with Plantwise, Commonwealth Agricultural Bureau International (CABI), UK. From 2014, The Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries and RADA.

The implementation of the Plantwise Programme aims at enhancing extension delivery and plant health in Jamaica, through training of plant doctors, implementation of plant doctor clinics (fixed and E-clinics), building Knowledge Bank and public awareness, including plant health rallies.  

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