Extension Services

Much of RADA's day-to-day extension services are carried out by its parish offices. These thirteen parish offices, one located in each parish except Kingston, have a pulse on the activities on each farm in the country and the specific needs of farmers. How are they able to do this? Each parish office has field officers attached to them. By dividing up the parishes into extension areas and assigning officers to monitor each extension area, RADA ensures that it has every Jamaican farmer covered.

Field officers are both educators and mediators. Educators because they teach farmers how best to deal with their specific Agriculture needs, forwarding a given matter to of a RADA Agriculture Specialist if necessary, and monitor the farmers' progress in employing the skills taught. Mediators, as they ensure that RADA is kept informed of situations that exist out in the field, allowing the Authority to tailor its focus and strategies accordingly, for the field officers to execute.

Fields officers are also the implementers and overseers on the ground of many Agriculture projects undertaken by RADA in conjunction with other agencies.

Parish offices are intricately involved in the staging of various agricultural shows and exhibitions held throughout the island during the year. Their involvement may be on different levels, from helping to plan and co-ordinate to actually having a display booth at the show or exhibition.

Through its extension services, RADA's aim is to ensure that Jamaica's Agriculture sector is not just kept alive, but continues to grow and develop.

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