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Frequently Asked Questions

RADA is the extension arm of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Mining

Yes, RADA’s toll free number is 1-888-275-7232 or 1-88

Parish offices are located island-wide in major towns. Additionally RADA operates area offices within each Parish to which Extension Officers are assigned.

Contact your Extension Officer or visit the nearest Parish office location listed with a valid photo identification as well as information relating to your farming enterprise.

There are numerous benefits of being a registered farmer, some of these are:

  • All farmers in Jamaica are uniquely identified and officially recognized;
  • Used to screen disaster relief claims and to enable a fair distribution of benefits;
  • Qualifies farmers to access receipt books issued by the Jamaica Agricultural Society (JAS) under the amended Agricultural Produce Act;
  • Provides the Farmer with an ID which can be used as means of identification, by lending institutions as well as suppliers offering discounts to farmers, etc.

Addressing this request requires telephone or other contacts with the relevant personnel such as the Fruit Tree Crop Coordinator/ Fruit  Tree Crop Agronomist, or the relevant local Parish Office.

You can get the kit to purchase at RADA’s AgriMart located at 191 Old Hope Road Kingston 6 (beside Jamaica College).

The kit contains:

  • Seeds (vegetable)
  • Potting mix
  • Fertilizer or manure
  • Seed tray

RADA provides market facilitation services to its farmers. Every attempt is made to connect farmers and buyers for the marketing and distribution of agricultural produce. This link/connection is to both local and domestic markets. Contact our Director – Marketing, Production & Special Projects, Marketing Manager (1-888-275-7232) or your local Parish  Marketing Officer for assistance.

All crown or government lands are managed/administered by the National Land Agency (NLA) Estate Management/Commissioner of Lands, which have offices island-wide. They can be contacted at 876-946-5263 

Yes, contact the nearest Parish office to your operations.

Water for Farming/irrigation is managed by the Water Management Unit of the National Irrigation Commissioner who can be contacted at (876) 977-6624/4022/6727. You may also contact your nearest  Parish office for any advice on local irrigation provision for your area.

RADA does not directly provide financial agricultural assistance. In specific situations such as natural disasters or through partnerships/projects the organization is requested to provide/distribute financial assistance to beneficiaries. RADA’s primary assistance to farming is to provide technical advice.

Click this link to view information on Motor Vehicle Concession

Should your farm suffer damage by fire, drought, flood, wind or any other natural disaster, report it immediately to 1-888-275-7232 or contact your local Parish office.

To request a RADA Officer to make a presentation to your organization, call 1-888-275-7232 or contact your local Parish office.