Tour of Farming Areas affected by Heavy Rains

Over 200 acres of agricultural lands in sections of Bog Hole, Clarendon and Douglas Castle, St. Ann have been inundated with water following recent heavy rains. This has been deemed the greatest disaster since the 1980’s which has severely affected residents and farmers through losses to agricultural produce and livestock. Overall the preliminary loss to the agricultural sector is estimated at $522 million. Within Douglas Castle residents (to include farmers) have...

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Beet Armyworm Special Advisory for The Farmers of South Manchester and South St. Elizabeth

This serves as an advisory specifically for onion and escallion farmers in South St. Elizabeth.As we approach the warmer months, when the temperatures will gradually increase, conditions for the rapid buildup of the beet armyworm are highly favorable.The Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries (MICAF) and RADA are advising the following strategies to mitigate the further development of this pest at this time: Reduce the acreages of scallion during the...

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