Congrats to the graduates of the Farmer Field School

March 15, 2017 was memorable and significant for 78 farmers (from Westphalia, Content Gap, Penlyne Castle and Windsor Castle Communities) who participated in a graduation exercise of the Farmer Field School Water Management Project. After 13 weeks of practical and participatory learning the farmers along with the team from National Environmental Planning Agency, Rural Agricultural Development Authority, Forestry Division and Jamaica Fire Brigade worked together to put in place climate...

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Success for St. Elizabeth Irish Potato Farmers

St. Elizabeth farmers have been witnessing great successes in Irish Potato Production, a first in many years for the Parish. This was reported at a Irish Potato Post – Harvest Seminar held on Friday,                      March 10, 2017 at Nigel Wright’s Farm in Hounslow St. Elizabeth. (The Seminar was followed by a practical in-field demonstration of Harvesting Irish Potatoes). Overall, for St. Elizabeth, RADA has reported that the volume of Irish...

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