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RADA Tractor Service

Since July of 2009, RADA has re-introduced a basic Tractor Service at a minimum cost to Registered Farmers in twelve parishes across the island, with the intention to expand this service in the near future.


The service include:

- Ploughing

- Harrowing

- Furrowing/Bedding


How to acquire Service?

Farmers who are interested in acquiring the service should follow the basic simple steps:

  1. Call or visit your RADA Parish office and request to speak with personnel in charge of the tractor service in that office (Usually the Manager, Deputy Manager, or a Senior Extension Officer) In the case of a regional Office, the Works Engineer is the contact person.
  2. Fill out the simple “Request for Tractor Service” application form provided
  3. Visit the Accounts Department and pay the relevant fees.

As soon as the tractor is available in your area, the operator will be assigned to the farmer’s property.

Note: The farmer will be required to carry out the basic land clearing so as to prepare for the arrival of the tractor.

Basic Rates for Operation

Rates will vary in various instances depending on key factors such as; soil type, terrain and distance to farm. Please contact the local RADA office for further details.