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The purpose of the Livestock Unit is to provide leadership in identifying ways to improve the competitiveness and sustainability of the Livestock Industry through the provision of technical guidance and support on all relevant livestock issues. Such support include: field inspection, advice, training, information sharing and market linkage and resource mobilization. The Unit is geared towards Other function of the Unit include the planning, monitoring and coordination of work programmes for RADA’s Livestock Extension Services inclusive of interactions with other stakeholder groups.

The activities of the Livestock Officers are grouped in two main categories:

  1. Production – Develop the capacity of farmers in producing animals in accoTrdance with good agricultural practices (GAP) towards the expansion of the Livestock Sector.
  2. Access to micro finance and market linkages – Assist farmers in accessing loans and effectively marketing meat and livestock products with the aim of maximizing farmers earning potential.

The Unit also engages in farm visits to increase crop productivity and enhance its sustainability through improved food safety and GAPs.