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The Marketing Unit provides technical advice and marketing information services to farmers island-wide. To achieve the mandate, the units; objective is to stimulate the formation of production marketing groups and provide marketing intelligence to farmers and intermediaries. The Unit also collaborates with other agencies involved in the development of rural infrastructure in order to improve the quality of life in rural communities.

The Marketing Unit Interventions include:

  • Advice to farmers on time to plant which corresponds with market demand periods
  • Advice on quantities to be produced and hence yield expectancy
  • Calculate cost of production versus market price and expected profitability of venture
  • Train farmers in post –harvest practices resulting in good market of quality produce
  • Train stakeholders in Good Agricultural Practices
  • Assist in providing linkages between farmers, buyers, middleman, exporters and importers
  • Provide weekly farm gate prices via the Jamaica Marketing Information Systems (JAMIS)
  • Prepare a three month supply situational report of a wide range of fresh produce