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The Social Services/Home Economics Unit is one of the many within RADA  which works toward achieving our mission of promoting the development of agriculture in Jamaica, as the main engine of economic growth in rural communities. 

With this Programme, RADA is able to develop the holistic nature of the family, especially in our rural families.  Our Programme revolves around the mantra, “Helping People to Help Themselves.”

The main objective of the Social Services/Home Economics Programme is to bring about an effective involvement of rural/urban women and youth in the uplift of their families and communities.  This is done by empowering our clients with knowledge from topics such as:

  • Food and Nutrition
  • Home and Food Production and Preservation
  • Income Generation
  • Child Care, Development and Family Education
  • Home Management and Resource Utilisation
  • Clothing, Textiles and Craft

The Unit is multi-modal in its methods of delivery  by using:

  • One-to-One sessions
  • Groups
  • Workshops/Seminars
  • Public for a and Exhibitions
  • Demonstrations
  • Social Media


The Agri-Mart

Agrimart is the RADA’S speciality store established by the Social Services/Home Economics Unit in 1992.  It is located at 191 Old Hope Road in Kingston.  There are two other locations – At the RADA offices in St. James and Manchester. 

The main objective of the Agrimart is to market the products made by the cottage industry entrepreneurs and other local small businesses.

Agrimart markets: unique processed foods such as natural juices, sauces, syrups, jams and jellies, gluten-free products, pastries, craft items, candles, body care products, seedlings, plants and much more.

Tele. Nos

(876) 550-1517

(876) 848-6972


The Agro-Processing Facilities

Located in seven parishes:

  • St. Mary
  • St. Catherine
  • St. James
  • Hanover
  • Trelawny
  • St. Catherine
  • Westmoreland

The services offered:

  • The rental of time, space and modern commercial equipment for agro-processing for small processors
  • Assistance with product development, packaging and labelling

Twickenham Industry

Established in 1994 and located in Twickenham Park, St. Catherine.   An income-generating enterprise which employs persons in the production of mainly cassava products such as Bammies, Cassava Pancake Mix and Cassava Flour.   Other products are also done such as, Pancake Syrups from local fruits, Gluten-Free powders from local foods and another service offered is milling. 


Land Line No.       (876) 984-9052

Whatsapp No.       (876) 510-0496