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HOSTS: The beet armyworm is an important pest on vegetable, field, and flower crop In Jamaica it mostly affects calalloo, escallion, onion and cotton. 

Integrated Pest Management of Beet Army Worm

Spodoptera exigua, also known as the beet armyworm is a destructive pest of onion and scallion in Jamaica. Since the 1990s, agricultural production in St. Elizabeth has suffered from several major outbreaks of the beet armyworm which have increased in pest activity, frequency and severity and so threaten the progress achieved by the initiatives for improving

Pumpkins are a favorite food of quite a few insects, and pests on pumpkins can be a real problem. Most, however, are treatable or at least preventable.

The pineapple weevil, Metamasius ritchiei (Marshall) is a serious pest of pineapple in Cuba and Jamaica.

Hot water can penetrate the seed coat and can also kill pathogens, making it a useful tool for managing seed-borne pathogens.

Hot pepper is a major non-traditional export crop in Jamaica. It is also a major spice for local consumers, processors, restaurants and others in the food industry.

Ginger is a flowering plant whose rhizome, ginger root or ginger, is widely used as a spice and a folk medicine.

Fruit flies often infest homes with ripe, rotting, or decayed fruit and produce. They also enjoy fermented items such as beer, liquor, and wine. Fruit flies also may breed and develop in drains, garbage disposals, trash cans, and mop buckets.

Downey mildew is the most common fungal disease of cucurbit crops, which causes withering and premature death of leaves.