Technical Publications: CROPS

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Cassava has been regarded as a rugged crop which is tolerant to many pests and diseases, weeds, poor soils and is grown mostly by subsistence farmers.

Basic Principles of Planting and Managing ACKEE Trees...

For many decades, the quality of Jamaican peeled dried ginger has remained the best in the world, commanding the highest prices.

The A-Frame is used to identify points at the same level or elevation. These points can be joined to form an imaginary line joining points at the same elevation above sea level.

There are seven vital steps to hot pepper production. Unless growers become fully acquainted with these and put them into practice, optimum fruit quality and yields will not be realized.

Soil solarization is a pest and disease control technique that uses the radiant heat from the sun to eliminate many soilborne pathogens. In this process, the soil is mulched and covered with a tarp, usually a transparent polyethylene cover, which traps solar energy.

Common sorrel or garden sorrel (Rumex acetosa), often simply called sorrel, is a perennial herb in the family Polygonaceae. 

Vermiculture is a simple and cheap way to produce a continuous supply of organic compost of high quality. Elisenia foetida, the Red California earthworm (also called ‘the red wiggler’) is ideal for vermiculture since it is adapted to the wide range of environmental conditions

Yam tubers are often affected by dry rot in the skin. Jamaican farmers call this condition “burn” or “burning”, and they give various explanations for its cause. These range from worms or insects, or the soil in which the yams were grown not being “trenched” properly, 

Many measures have been proposed to minimize soil erosion problems on sloping land. The use of vegetative/ live barriers grown on the contour is receiving much attention as a system for the management of hillsides.