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RADA Farmers Graduation for over 170 farmers in St. Ann

It was a jubilant moment on September 7, 2023, at the Moneague College, St. Ann when The Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA) St. Ann in collaboration with HEART TRUST/NSTA hosted a Farmer Field School Graduation Ceremony for over 170 farmers trained in sustainable agricultural production.

The cost of this one year comprehensive training was over $5.4M and extended to exposure in Marketing opportunities, agribusiness management, farm and personal safety measures, land management, land preparation, soil fertility management, irrigation, plant propagation and establishment, sprayer calibration, harvest and post-harvest management, integrated pest management and climate change among other topics.

Speaking at the Farmers Graduation, Mr. Courtney Cole, Chief Technical Director, MOAF representing the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Mining stated to the graduates “we are aware of the sacrifices made of your time and efforts to meet the requirements given, be mindful however that the knowledge gained is invaluable and the efforts spent, is worthwhile”. 

The farmers were from the Drumily, Prickly Pole, Cascade, Aboukir, Nine Miles, Seville, Faith's Pen, White Hall, and Walkerswood and Browns’ Town communities and surrounding areas.The project was made possible through collaborations with HEART/ NSTA, Jamaica Bauxite Mining Limited, 
Agri Depot, Newport Fersan, H&L Agro, Carib Agro, Magic City Restaurant and Bar and the Moneague College.

During Greetings to the farmers, Mr. Winston Simpson, Chief Executive Officer, Acting, RAD encouraged them to pass on the techniques learnt to other farmers and farmer groups and work with their respective RADA
Agricultural Extension Officers and other stakeholders utilize skills learnt to create lucrative business entities and preserve livelihoods.