Technical Publications: LIVESTOCK

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A combination of molasses, urea and additional components are used in the making of the molasses urea blocks. Molasses provides fermentable substrate and various minerals and trace elements.

Globally, mulberry leaves are utilized as feed for the silk worm and livestock. It can be used also as vegetable (young leaves and stems), for human consumption. The leaves are used as tea for medicinal purpose and the fruits can be made into preserves.

The leaves of tree legumes such as Gliricidia sepium or Leucaena leucocephala show considerable promise as forage supplements for feeding to ruminants, especially in the dry season. Forage tree legumes provide a cheap and readily available source of high quality protein and can improve animal productivity.

Stylosanthes guianensis (stylo) is a legume that is adapted to acid infertile soils, has a low P demand, is easily established from cuttings or seeds, and is drought tolerant; making it an excellent protein source during the dry season. In Asian countries it is intercropped with rice and acts as a ground cover to prevent erosion in orchards.

Select does for your breeding herd that is not more than 2 years old (1—2 pairs of permanent teeth). Avoid old does (may have bad habits). Does should have shiny coat, straight legs, good conformation and alert eyes.

The Landrace is a white hog of long body length, having sixteen or seventeen pairs of ribs. The arch of back is less pronounced than most breeds of swine. The head is long and narrow with a clean jowl. Ears are large and heavy and carried close to the face.

It is very important that goats are tagged so that they can be easily identified especially for serious goat producers who are keen on maintaining records of their quality animals.

A pig farmer who considers him/herself to be in the business of producing pigs should ensure that he or she develops the technique of Artificial Insemination (AI). AI is the deliberate introduction of semen in its fresh or chilled state in the vagina of the sow.

The trimming of hooves of goats is a simple task that can be easily learned. Many foot and leg problems in goats are either caused by a lack of trimming or improper trimming techniques.

Eggs must be kept refrigerated to maintain Grade A quality. Eggs kept at room temperature deteriorate as much in a day as they do in a week under refrigeration.