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Submitted by RADAAdmin on August 12, 2023
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The Agro-tourism farmers market

The Agro-tourism farmers market an initiative of the Tourism Linkages Network’s Agriculture working group. It is a joint initiative between the Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF) of the Ministry of Tourism and the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA) of The  Ministry of Industry Commerce, Agriculture & Fisheries.

The Initiative

 Led by RADA, this initiative aims to

1.Create an outlet for farmers or farmer’s groups with a large variety and volumes of produce

2.Create alternate supply chains for primarily small and independent boutique hotel properties

3.Add value to the visitor experience in and around the town’s resort areas where the market is held

4.Provide a space where farmers may show case the range and quality of their produce to the wider public as well as potential buyers within the hotel and tourism sector

Location of the Markets

1.Montego Bay, RADA Catherine Hall complex. Held  every other month on the last Thursday

2.Negril, Norman Manley Beach Park. Held  on the last Wednesday of every month

3. Discovery Bay, Discovery Bay Peace Park. Held on the last Friday of each month


Average number of farmers per market; Montego Bay 20, Negril 30 and Discovery Bay 25

Average number of retail Buyers per market; Montego Bay 250, Negril 4,000 and Discovery Bay 2500

Average number of Hotels/Restaurants buyers per market; Negril 35 and 30 respectively, Discovery Bay 15 and Montego Bay 20 Restaurants


Estimated dollar value per market; Negril average of $5,000,000, Montego Bay average $1,000,000 and Discovery Bay average $2,500,000

Estimate market contracts for future or continuous sale /trade generated from the market; Over 15 farmers are now supplying the small hotels and restaurants in the resorts areas